Mastering Image and Speech for Success (NEW course)

Mastering Image and Speech for Success

This 8-week comprehensive course encompasses the essential tools necessary to achieve success in your social and professional life. This unparalleled image, speech, and social and professional etiquette instructional (or training) program includes indispensable methodologies, exercises, and interactive activities, which will help cultivate the skills needed to eliminate barriers, build confidence, and greatly enhance opportunities for success. Ms. Engle has taught U.S. Senators and other top political figures, film and TV stars as well as CEO’s, lawyers, business professionals, and many others. Her inimitable professional expertise as a talent manager and speech and image coach in both Beverly Hills and New York as well as her knowledge navigating the waters in the upper echelon of society as the wife of a Count has uniquely positioned her to impart her wisdom to those who take this course.

Why is this course essential?

Initial impressions are made within the first few seconds of an encounter and have the capacity to either foster or crush any hope for advancing to the next level. Immediately, one projects an image which hints at one’s age, gender, social class, occupation, origin, personality, predilections, and current mood. As words are exchanged, initial perceptions are either solidified or dismantled. The relationship, whether in a personal or professional setting, will never progress unless the participant responds favorably to the messages he or she receives. Communication is essential to achieving success in virtually all aspects of life, and speech is the number one means of communication.

It is astonishing how many well-educated and gifted individuals miss opportunities for growth because they overlook the importance of creating a favorable impression. Just as a diamond can not sparkle as brilliantly without polish and care, an individual could never realize his or her fullest potential without effective speech and presentation. Many skilled politicians lost elections due to unfavorable speech habits. Many fine actors never achieved stardom because lazy tongue and poor image hindered their chances. Many individuals of enviable pedigree drifted through the motions of life without distinction due to lack of confidence and undeveloped image, speech, and presentation skills. Lawyers have failed to captivate the courtroom because of unmemorable speech patterns and dull presentations. Regardless of one’s profession or social role, speech and image play a crucial role in achieving one’s goals.

Social and Professional Etiquette:

Conducting oneself within the boundaries of civil behavior fosters relationships and cultivates respect for oneself and others. Finishing schools specializing in etiquette, deportment, and proper table manners, flourished until the 1960’s and then declined in popularity as they were dismissed as old fashioned. However, this sentiment was eventually debunked as forward thinking and culturally sophisticated individuals recognized the vital importance of decorum for both personal and professional life in an increasingly global, competitive, and fast-paced environment. This ushered the resurgence of etiquette schools and training programs around the world.

Knowing how to navigate the social and professional arena with poise and grace is no longer a luxury for the privileged few, but a necessity for anyone who wishes to enhance his or her opportunities for success. Those who possess good manners and polished social graces are more likely to succeed in their endeavors, maintain healthy relationships, and live more gratifying lives. According to studies conducted at Harvard University, the Carnegie Institute, and Stanford University, securing, keeping, and advancing in a job require 85% soft or “people” skills and 15% technical knowledge and skills. Possessing these indispensable skills enhances one’s image, self-confidence, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, and ability to lead others. These benefits help facilitate a more balanced and fulfilled life.

Topics covered in the course include:

-Appearance and first impressions
-Persuasive speaking
-Detecting and eliminating undesirable speech habits, accents, and lazy tongue
-Phonetic and dictionary Symbols
-Protocol for social and business introductions, including introductions to heads of state and other dignitaries
-Conversation skills
-Projecting global awareness
-Mingling skills
-Body Language
-Gracious entrances and exits
-Civility, character, and integrity
-Visualization and positive thinking
-Dinner table etiquette
-Making a toast
-RSVPs, thank you notes, follow-ups, and gifts
-The importance of social capital
-Business cards
-Electronic communication
-Smart dressing for all occasions

Realize your greatest potential and achieve great heights socially and professionally.

Who should take this course?
Regardless of who you are or what you do, this course will help you overcome obstacles to success and achieve your goals.

Each class is three hours in length and meets once per week.

Teaching Technique:
Ms. Engle employs a unique individualized approach with each student to optimize learning. An initial assessment of each student will clarify where additional guidance is most needed. At home exercises tailored to each student’s needs will be recommended to help ensure that each student is receiving the most out of each class and does not fall behind. In the beginning of the course students will be video taped giving a short speech and then taped again at the end of the course to track progress. Lectures by select guest speakers will further enrich the curriculum, and students will have the opportunity to implement what is learned in class at exclusive events.

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